The perfect guide for choosing your dinnerware

The perfect guide for choosing your dinnerware

The choice of a dinnerware set can definitely contribute to step up the game of your dinners and festive gatherings a notch up! The dinner set choice can really make or break the dining experience. Whether you are only a table scaping enthusiast or a catering professional, choosing the right dishes is above all knowing how to choose a versatile tableware that will also withstand the rigors of dishwasher and microwave use over long run.  Here are the keys to select the perfect crockery which is both aesthetic and functional.

Design sobriety to spruce up your dinnerware!

When acquiring a new dinnerware set, we often tend to take trends as a focal point… And that’s where we got it all wrong since trends are mostly ephemeral and will eventually run out of date. Remember that a dinnerware set is an expensive long-term investment!

It is well known that classic elegance never runs out date! Indeed classic style dinner plates with sober and refined lines can go through the decades without being outdated but on the other hand hip designs like the 2018-2019 tropical trend are often considered kitsch after a few years. In addition, it must be as versatile and multifunctional as possible to be used during daily meals in order to blend with and complement your flatware set, serveware, glassware, tablecloths and decorative objects. White bone china plates for instance will never let you down and are sure to match any tabletop décor: vintage, beach vibes or minimalist.

If the minimalist plain white dish sets remain a safe and timeless choice, a touch of colour can also glam up your table décor and bring a fun flair to it.  If you want to go for a collection with a timeless charm; geometric or Scandinavian or Japanese inspired dinner plates have managed to find the perfect balance between design and sobriety.

Choose the right material for your dishes

Another important element: the choice of material must be made according to the specific needs of your home and also your personal tastes. If the aesthetic aspect is certainly important, so is the functionality!

  • Porcelain dinnerware: a material favoured by catering professionals for its elegant appearance, finesse and lustrous finish as well as its resistance to mechanical and thermal shocks.
  • Sandstone dinnerware: if you like vintage crockery, this very resistant material will immediately bring a rustic chic touch to your table. This material can withstand temperatures up to 1300°C and is perfect for baking dishes that also serve as presentation plates. However it is more prone to chipping and scratching than porcelain.
  • Stoneware dinnerware: technically considered as a pottery because made with a mixture of refractory clay, stoneware has an undeniable vintage and authentic charm. Be careful, however with its porosity.
  • Glass dinnerware: if you like the fineness of the glass, opt for opal, a glass that has been specially heat treated to make it more resistant.

Sleek lined plates and bowl: where can you find the perfect elegant and sturdy top-notch or casual dinnerware?

If you want to find tableware that combines ergonomics, design and long-lasting use the fast way in ths comfort of your home browse through online stores dedicated to tableware or catering professionals and compare the prices, craftsmanship and quality. Dinner plate, salad plates, appetizer plates, pasta bowls, dessert plates, salad bowls, soup bowls or even cereal bowls: you will find a wide range of dinnerware sets and table accessories of different materials including stainless steel and slate, which will meet your specific needs on these websites. If you are buying the dinnerware as a set make sure individual pieces of the same collection are available on the website in case you would need to replace a piece.